Top ten downloaded free apps in iTunes Store

Top ten downloaded free apps in iTunes Store

December is the month of summaries, top rankings, compilations and all sorts of lists with a common purpose: to make a round-up of everything that has happened along the year. Now that 2008 is about to finish, the guys over at the iTunes Store have decided to join the trend and have published a list with the top downloaded apps in the App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch.

The list is divided into several categories (games, entertainment, utilities, social networking and music, both in free and paid apps) but we’ll have a look at the overall free app top list and see what people downloaded most to their iPhone and iPod Touch over the last 12 months.

Top downloaded free App Store appsPandora
Enjoy yor favorite artists on the move. You can create genre-based personalized music stations or simply use your Pandora web account from the iPhone.

Top downloaded free App Store appsFacebook
Only for real Facebook-addicts! With this light version of Facebook you can view your wall, check your messages, see photos and follow your friends’ activities.

Top downloaded free App Store appsTap Tap Revenge
If you like Guitar Hero, you’re going to love this game. Test your rhythm skills while trying to follow the chords on the screen of your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Top downloaded free App Store appsShazam
Believe it or not, Shazam is able to recognizes almost any song,  anywhere. It’s perfect to identify that song that’s been stuck on your head for weeks!

Top downloaded free App Store appsLabyrinth Lite Edition
A revamped digital version of the traditional wooden labyrinth. I tried this game myself and got so insanely addicted to it that I ended up buying the full version.

Top downloaded free App Store appsRemote
With Remote you can control music on iTunes in your computer or on your Apple TV. Remote displays album artwork, works with Genius and lets you edit playlists.

Top downloaded free App Store appsGoogle Earth
A jaw-dropping app that includes incredible satellite imagery, shows millions of geolocated photos and can find your current position in a few seconds.

Top downloaded free App Store appsLightsaber Unleashed
Lightsaber Unleashed emulates a lightsaber on the screen of your iPhone or iPod Touch. The emulation includes sound effects and even a duelling soundtrack.

Top downloaded free App Store appsAIM
Keep in touch with family and friends at all times. It works with 3G or WiFi and can connect with all AOL networks worldwide.

Top downloaded free App Store appsUrbanspoon
Discover new restaurants with Urbanspoon! Enter your search filters and shake the phone to activate the restaurant slot machine.

The funny thing about these top apps lists is that they change according to the different countries from which you can access iTunes Store. So in the case of Spanish users, instead of downloading Urbanspoon or AIM (which are more oriented to a North-American audience), they preferred to download Flashlight and iPint – strange combination, huh?

Finally, as an iPod Touch user myself, I’m surprised that my favorite Twitter client Twitterrific didn’t achieve a higher position, and that a great adventure such as Aurora Feint didn’t even make it to the top 10 downloaded games. At the same time, I find it simply amazing that such an absurd app as Lightsaber Unleashed is among the ten most downloaded tools in 2008. In any case, these lists will surely help you find some interesting new apps to try.

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