Top ten Tetris alternatives

Tetris screenshotTetris is one of the most fondly remembered game of all time. Designed by a Russian scientist, it’s beaty was in it’s simplicity and kept players engrossed for hours whether it was on their Nintendo gameboy or home games console. The game was so popular in fact that it’s spawned hundreds of imitators – some good some bad – but all remaining faithful to the classic Tetris format. Here’s ten top Tetris alternatives:

  • Balltris – As the name suggests, Tetris with balls
  • ColorTetris – Colour version and includes the bonus game Pentix
  • The Wall – Mouse or keyboard controlled version of the original
  • BoXiKoN – Blocks based clone of Tetris
  • Blockfall – Tetris in the form of a Firefox plugin
  • ClickTris – A decent remake of the original
  • Netris – Allows multiplayer mode across the internet
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