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Top Thanksgiving deals for iPhone apps

Top Thanksgiving deals for iPhone apps

App savings

In the spirit of the season, prices on many top iOS apps and games are being slashed as part of Thanksgiving and Black Friday deals being run by developers.

Electronic Arts has been perhaps the most generous of all app developers, hacking up to 80 percent of the price of many of its games as part of its Feast ‘o Fun Thanksgiving offer. Among the best deals are a 50 percent saving on the excellent Scrabble for iPad, Madden NFL 11 for $4.99, and a mere 99 cents for The Simpsons Arcade. Other classic EA games included in the offer include Reckless Racing, Tetris and Need for Speed Undercover.

It’s not just EA who are dishing out the deals for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Nate Games is offering some of its titles, including Grand Par Golf and Doodle Games 9 in 1 for free until November 30th. Elsewhere, you can pick up the innovative iPad translation app Babilia HD for free; get 65% off QuickOffice Connect Mobile; and pick up Real Bird Hunting Challenge for nothing!

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