Top tools for optimising HTML

Top tools for optimising HTML

HTML logoIf you’re trying to improve your web page ranking in Google, one simple way is to optimise the HTML. HyperText Markup Language is the name given to the language that makes up your web page. The problem is that whilst it is written, you can end up with a lot of white space and irrelevant code. This not only slows down the loading of your page but it reduces it’s ranking in search engines due to erroneous data. Of course, there’s nothing more effective than going through your webpage on your own and removing errors but this is a very painstaking and time consuming process.

Fortunately, there are tools that break down web pages into byte sized components and calculate the download speeds at different bandwidths. Amongst other things, they can be used to identify problems as well as validate your code, spellcheck, check for broken links, and even calculate search engine visibility.

If you’re unsure about using one, HTML Optimiser is a good place to start because it allows you to make a duplicate copy of the site before making any changes. You can then see which version runs fastest without touching your original. The program checks for dangling tags (those tags which are not accurate or fully readable), missing attributes and broken links. If you’re comfortable with this, then you’re probably ready to move onto HTML Optimizer Pro. HTML Optimizer Pro is recommended if you manage more than one web site and/or if you need extra features like optimizing JPEG images and PNG images without a mask. It also includes a Smart Handing feature that only applies changes to those pages where it’s really necessary.

A more complete and better presented solution is Wise Optimizer which looks at more than just your HTML. The program includes several tools including a Top Ten Analyser, Density Analyser, HTML Validator, Link Improver and a Keyword Suggestion Tool to ensure that your page contains optimised text to rank highly in search engines.

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