Top tools to run your own internet café

Top tools to run your own internet café

CybercafeWhen internet cafés first came along, I thought it was completely weird. I mean, surely cafés are supposed to be about relaxing, having a chat, socialising, reading a book etc. Now of course, people do exactly all those things at cyber cafés – via messenger clients, websites and webcams, the difference being that the person they are having the coffee with could be on the other side of the world. Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine a world without them. What on earth would backpackers do now if they couldn’t drop a quick e-mail to mum to let them know they’re half way down the Ganges and where else would you go if your home internet connection broke? If you’ve ever thought about running your own internet café, then it need not be such a distant dream. All you need is a few computers, a small shop to put them all, and you might find one of these top tools useful:

HandyCafe – Complete cybercafe administration system for beginners

CyberCafePro – Advanced cybercafe admin tools for large networks

SiteCafe – Administration tool that allows for a wide range of payment options

CyberCafe SurfShop – Completely free cybercafe administration tool for up to 20 PCs

Serpol Cafecontrol
– Allows you to take greater control of your cafe’s security features

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