Total War: Attila announced. Coming to PC in 2015

Total War: Attila announced. Coming to PC in 2015

The next game in the strategy game series Total War has been announced: Total War Attila. Set at the start of the Dark Ages in Europe, towards the end of the Roman Empire, it’s a time of great upheaval and turmoil. Watch the reveal trailer below.

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Screenshots of the game make Total War: Attila look pretty apocalyptic, with fire-filled battles and dark, muted tones. You will control the Western Roman Empire, which begins as the dominant power, but is weakened by in-fighting and the threat of enemies, including the fearsome Attila the Hun.


Developer Creative Assembly is promising ‘overhauled game mechanics’, improving on the previous game ‘Total War: Rome II’. We can of course expect improved graphics too, which will make for an impressive looking game, as 2013’s Rome II already looked great.

Total War: Attila will be available for PC in 2015, and probably OS X sometime later.

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