Track US primaries online

Track US primaries online

Track US primaries onlineI’m not particularly interested in politics, but I know many people do follow political campaigns and elections as if it was the Champions League – or the NBA finals for those of you on the other side of the pond. If you’re among them, I’m sure you’ll be enjoying the American electoral process, one of the longest ones I’ve ever seen. Caucus, state primaries, candidates, Super Tuesdays… if you want to keep up with everything, you’re probably going to need help.

Fortunately you can now count on the Web to follow the latest news about the US elections and track primaries results almost in real time. The main source of information is Google News, where they’ve created a special section (Elections) to host all the information relating to the American democratic process. Plus you can subscribe to its RSS feed and create Google Alerts relating to any topic of your interest (namely Hillary or Obama) to warn you by email every time there are news about it.

Another Google app to follow US elections is Google Maps. They have developed a new layer for Google Maps that shows primaries results right on the United States map. It’s a clear, handy way to check percentages thanks to a color code and also the extended data you get by clicking on each state.

Finally, there’s another tool besides Google to obtain more information about the American elections. It’s not exactly primaries results or news headlines, but rather the candidates’ popularity on Twitter. So every time Hillary, Obama, McCain and the rest of them are mentioned in any Twitter around the world, it’ll appear on Politweets. Happy primaries everyone!

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