Transfer Tumblr posts to a WordPress blog

Transfer Tumblr posts to a WordPress blog

Avid bloggers know WordPress can’t be beat when it comes to features and reliability. Having self-hosted my own blog for years now, I’m a huge fan of this blogging software. I’ve also recently discovered Tumblr though. I have to say it’s got me a little torn in terms of where on the web my blog should be hosted.

Tumblr’s largest problem is WordPress’ greatest strength: reliability. While I’ve never experienced downtime on my blog with my WordPress software, Tumblr seems to have server issues on a daily basis. Yet Tumblr really can’t be beat when it comes to ease of posting different multimedia content and gaining a following. What’s a long-time blogger to do?

Enter: commercial WordPress theme shop WooThemes. With a brand new service at, current Tumblr users can easily create an XML file and import posts from Tumblr to a self-hosted site. With the creation of WordPress 3.1, you can also have an even more Tumblr-esque experience by organizing your blog posts by the type of content being published: text, links, quotes, photographs, and more.

The only catch is that self-hosted blogs cost money. You have to purchase the domain and hosting service, and sometimes even your blog’s layout theme. While the latter isn’t necessarily a concept with which Tumblr users are entirely unfamiliar since Tumblr has paid themes as well, there is definitely added cost involved with hosting your own blog. If the benefits outweigh the costs for you – and you want to create an experience similar to what Tumblr offers without fear of site downtime – Tumblr2WP is a fantastic resource for die-hard bloggers.

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