Transfer your vinyl collection to MP3

Long live vinylI’ve just been reading that viynl may be the final nail in the CD’s coffin. Apparently the old plastic format is undergoing something of a resurgance among nostalgic music collectors. I’m a particular fan of the old 45s and 12″ and like to enjoy them when I’m at home. However, save for strapping a record player to your back it’s impossible to listen to LPs on the move. Fear not though, because there are a number of software solutions that allow you to commit your old vinyl to MP3.

Spin It Again is one of my personal favourites, because it makes the whole operation very simple and runs mighty fast. You need no technical knowledge as the the app walks you through the process of connecting your turntable or cassette player to your sound card. Handily, if there’s a piece of equipment you’re missing it will provide you with links to places where you can pick it up from.

The program automatically removes pops, clicks and tape hissing, helping you to get the best sound quality before finally recording to MP3, Ogg, WAV or WMA. Although it gets rid of many audio imperfections, if you want to completely clean things up then try a dedicated repair tool such as the impressive MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab. Together, we can preserve the future of this wonderful format!

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