Translate 58 languages on your desktop

easy-translator.pngGoogle Translate is a seriously useful tool but it can be annoying having to open a new tab every time you want to translate something. Easy Translator is a convenient desktop client that translates 58 languages and seems to be based on the Google Translate engine although the developers are a little more vague than that claiming that “Easy Translator employs the power of Internet machine language translation engines”.

Easy Translator is easy to use. Simply paste the text that you want to translate, select the languages you want to translate to and from, hit Translate and you’re done. There aren’t many other features apart from standard copy, paste and cut tools but there’s a print feature to print translations.


In test translations, Easy Translator produced the same results as Google Translate. What I really like about this tool is that when you copy the translation and paste it in somewhere else, it doesn’t include the original text attached to it, unlike Google Translate.

I suspect that for most languages, Easy Translate uses Google Translate as its main engine. However, it’s impossible to verify the accuracy of each translation. It’s not clear if there’s a text limit either although there doesn’t seem to be one. However, the more text you paste, the longer it takes Easy Translator to process it. Note that, unlike Google Translate, there’s also no auto-detect language feature for text that’s pasted in.

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