Treasure Adventure Game

Treasure Adventure Game

It’s not very well known yet but Treasure Adventure Game might just be the best 2D platform game you’ve never played. Made by one-man studio Robit Studios, who describe the game as a  ‘mash-up of Super Mario Bros 2 and Wind Waker’, it’s a genuinely sweet and really addictive adventure that perfectly replicates the atmosphere of 80s and early 90s gaming.

It’s got mystery, simple gameplay that will challenge you, and lots of lovely touches in its 8-bit graphic style. For a free indie title, it is huge. If you enjoyed the now classic Cave Story or DistractionWare’s VVVVVV, Treasure Adventure Game should be a no-brainer.

My only criticism of it is that there’s no help in the game when you’re stuck, but that just shows what a spoiled modern gamer I’ve become! Of course, if you do get stuck – get on the internet, and you’ll find someone who knows the answer! There’s a great forum for the game here, where you can find questions and answers about the adventure.

Download Treasure Adventure Game now!

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