Trending jobs in 2019

Trending jobs in 2019
Grace Sweeney

Grace Sweeney

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Digital transformation is well underway.

Machine learning, chatbots, blockchain applications have all become part of the work landscape, all while stirring up fears of our pending irrelevance.

Obviously, healthcare tops the charts in most cases — surgeons, nurses, dentists, and orthodontists are always in high demand — so we opted to leave them out of our list of jobs on the rise.

In 2019, in-demand jobs are fairly diverse, but have something in common — many emphasize the human side of an automation strategy. As LinkedIn found in 2018, you don’t necessarily need to be in a highly technical role to see success. Sales, marketing, and communications professionals have a promising outlook, too.

Skills like leadership, project and product management and roles with a strategic component are sought after by employers. And of course — hard skills in the STEM purview are needed to develop and maintain this new wave of tech.

Here, we’ll look at some of the top jobs in 2019 — and likely beyond.

Trending jobs for 2019

data scientist

Data scientist

A data scientist is a person who gathers, processes, and analyzes data. With the hordes of data coming in thanks to advancing data collection methods, humans skilled in breaking these massive sets into usable insights are major assets for companies.

Database administrator

Database administrators are becoming increasingly in demand, as companies start using more software solutions that include AI and machine learning components. The ability to maintain clean, secure databases will be essential for ensuring software can be leveraged to meet an organization’s goals.

Product Manager

A product manager knows how to make a product sell. They work with multiple teams, as well as members of the public to make sure that products are at their best before going to market.

Product managers conduct market research, determine specifications, set pricing, and develop marketing strategies. While this isn’t a highly technical role, product managers often work in tech companies and will do well if they can “speak the language.”

Machine learning engineer

machine learning

Machine learning engineers are programmers with advanced knowledge in the areas of AI and machine learning. They work to develop AI technology and work with complex algorithms and datasets to train systems. As more companies invest in these technologies, engineers can expect to have their pick of opportunities.


Statisticians are in demand, with growth expected to rise by 34% through 2024. Statisticians collect and analyze data, looking for patterns that explain human behavior or uncover insights that address a range of public and private sector concerns. Today’s businesses basically run on these massive datasets, so those with a firm grasp on statistics are a major asset to any company.

Sales director

Sales professionals will still be in demand this year, and likely moving forward. Recruiters have long been having trouble filling sales positions with skilled workers who can keep pace with change.

That change can be attributed to CRMs and other analytics tools that are now industry standards. There’s also a shift in buyer demographics, as millennials take on the lion’s share of B2B purchasing decisions.

Still, technology, combined with the ability to read the room and connect with others makes a good salesperson hard to replace with a machine.

Marketing Managers

Marketing managers stand to stick around for the long haul, though their role may change in the coming years. As it stands, your average marketing manager is in charge of marketing campaigns, branding, social media, and content strategy.

Successful marketing managers should also be project managers, critical thinkers, and have the ability to monitor ad performance and other metrics. As marketing tech advances, this role may begin to evolve into a more analytic, decision-making focused role.

And, moving forward, privacy concerns and a crowded social media market may make marketing more challenging. Those who can roll with the punches–and get around new rules and shifting algorithms will likely see success.

Financial Manager

financial planner

Financial managers are looking at a bright future, too. Because of the aging Boomer population, there is a huge demand for good financial advice. Financial managers help clients plan for short and longterm goals, like retirement, college funds, and buying a home. They also break down tax laws, investments, and monetary rules and regulations.

Job seekers — what to expect

Flexibility, improvisation, and a willingness to learn are all important qualities in a job candidate.

While the top tech jobs often require specialized education, tech-savvy marketers, managers, and writers all have transferrable skills required to supplement AI and machine learning applications.

Improve your prospects by earning certifications — in marketing or project management, as well as coding and software-specific training.  The point is, change is the only constant.

Grace Sweeney

Grace Sweeney

Grace is a painter turned freelance writer who specializes in blogging, content strategy, and sales copy. She primarily lends her skills to SaaS, tech, and digital marketing companies.

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