Tumblr integrates Soundcloud for audio posts

There’s good news for Tumblr lovers who like to make audio posts. SoundCloud, the popular audio recording site, recently announced its collaboration with everyone’s favorite microblogging website. This allows users to directly upload SoundCloud audio file URLs to Tumblr.

While SoundCloud is geared toward music, the service can clearly be used for so much more. What makes this such a great new feature for Tumblr users is that it’s not just limited to music – users can easily record audio diary entries and upload them to Tumblr. Interviews, commentary about current events, covers of your favorite band: virtually anything is fair game, as long as it’s your own original content.

What’s more, SoundCloud also works great if you’re not logged into Tumblr. In addition to being able to share your audio files on Facebook, Twitter and by email, there’s now a Tumblr button integrated into the SoundCloud user interface. This allows you to publish to Tumblr directly without having to copy the file to your computer first.

So there you have it. The time is ripe to introduce yourself to your Tumblr followers in a fun, new way!

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