Tune in to more Internet TV channels

James Thornton


PPLiveMashable has put up an interesting list of the top 33 ways to watch TV online, highlighting the boom in Internet television. However, the post omits some of the great standalone alternatives to these Web-based viewers, many of which offer a richer array of features and improved picture quality.

PPLive is one of the most popular Internet TV apps around, and although it takes a little fiddling with to set up, the program boasts a huge range of channels and delivers quick, reliable connections, making it a capable alternative to the likes of Joost and Zattoo. Metacafe is another glaring omission from Mashable’s list. We’re big fans of the program due to the way it gives you speedy access to interesting and amusing viral video content from the Web.

If you’re a sports fan then TVAnts makes a great addition to your PC entertainment centre. Having used the program to watch football at the weekend, I was impressed by the sheer range of sports channels available and although many are broadcast with Japanese commentary, it’s a great way of picking up matches you’d otherwise have to pay for.

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