TuneIn Radio wants to be a social network for radio lovers

TuneIn Radio wants to be a social network for radio lovers

The latest update to TuneIn Radio turns the radio streaming app into a full-fledged social network. The app has been completely redesigned to help users explore new content.

Each channel now acts like a user profile where people can listen to content and follow. Tapping on follow will add the channel to your feed so you get a timeline of the latest content from all the people and channels you follow.

TuneIn profile page

You can follow your friends to see what they have been listening to. Your friends will get a feed of what you’ve been listening to, helping them find channels they may not have known about. Unfortunately there’s no chat feature in TuneIn.

There’s also a new Explore section where you can browse for channels by types of content. There’s also a trending chart to see which channels are popular at the moment.

TuneIn Explore

TuneIn is working to bring a “Follow on TuneIn” button to the web, much like the follow button for Twitter.

The new TuneIn Radio app rolls out today for Android and iOS. The website has been redesigned as well, letting you access all the new features on the web. Strangely, the paid TuneIn Radio Pro has not been updated.

Download TuneIn Radio for Android

Download TuneIn Radio for iOS

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