Turn your PC into a fax machine

Turn your PC into a fax machine

Fax machine logoIf you work from home or sometimes have to send faxes, did you know that you can turn your PC into a fully functioning fax machine? If you only want to send documents that are already on your hard drive or in digital format, then you’re ready to go. If you want to scan something that still only exists in hard copy, then you’ll need access to a scanner. Once you’ve scanned in your document, you can use several pieces of software to send it. Here’s my top 5:

VentaFax & Voice – Answering machine & fax combined

Fax Machine – Sends, receives and can even forward faxes received by e-mail

Snappy Fax – Can “post” fax images to websites for viewing by others

1st Fax Extractor – Professional fax software for small businesses

MightyFax XP/2000 – Fax from other Windows programs such as MS Office

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