Turn your Facebook photos into art with Aviary Effects

I’ve always professed that I’m no oil painting, but Aviary’s new Facebook app has proved me wrong – because now I actually am. Aviary Effects allows you to turn your Facebook photos into works of art, quickly and simply.

The application lets you apply effects to any photos of you from your Facebook albums and even get creative with photos of your friends. There are six different effects to choose from. Besides Oil Paint, you can also select Pop Art, Etch-a-Sketch, Warhol, Sketch and Lego. Each effect can be customized, changing the intensity via a slider, as well as altering the background colors and amount of brush strokes.

I should point out that Aviary Effects seems a little unstable at the moment, and it managed to crash Firefox a few times when trying to apply an effect. Nevertheless it’s a fun way to breath new life into all those profile pictures that have been there for years.

Aviary Effects

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