Turn your iPod Touch into a phone for free

Ever dreamed of using your iPod Touch as a mobile phone? Sounds impossible but the developers at TruPhone have developed a way to do so that may signal the end for your mobile phone – well sort of.

TruPhone iPod Touch

TruPhone is a free application that utilise the internet via a wi-fi connection to give you cheap phonecalls in much the same way as Skype does. Truphone for iPod Touch allows iPod Touch users to call each other for free and also those using the Google Talk client. Truphone already exists for smartphones and iPhones but this is the first time it has been applied to a none telephony device. Apparently it won’t be long until you can make calls to and from landlines using your iPod Touch too.

TruPhone requires an iPod Touch headset and microphone or mic adapter which you can order from the Apple store or find in the high street. Since the developers are concentrating only on those devices that have an apps store, TruPhone is only available via the iTunes App Store. According to the the TruPhone blog, the app will also soon be able to call landlines for free, Skype and even MSN contacts.

You can check out TruPhone working on an iPod Touch below although the user claims that calls to GTalk were not working properly:


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