Turn your PC into a virtual nurse

Let your PC look after your healthAfter hearing that a lab mouse may have found the key to curing the common cold, I was hoping to invite him round to mine to sort out the bout of flu that I’ve been suffering from. Unfortunately, it looks like the scientists have to work with him a while longer before they can come up with the miracle remedy. Nevertheless there are plenty of software programs that can help ease illnesses and diseases, providing you with all manner of information on symptons, causes and treatments for a range of ailments. Install these apps and let you computer ease you on the path to recovery:

  • Natural Healing Introduction – Guide to the basics of alternative therapy
  • HeyDoc! – Keep a record of all your health information and get medical help
  • Wellness – Learn how natural healing methods can nurse you back to health
  • HealthEngage Diabetes – Take control of Diabetes with this helpful app
  • TinnitusTamer – Got ringing in yours? Get this software
  • Homeopathy – Find out how to treat conditions using alternative medecine
  • Psychiatric Diagnosis – Discover if you have a psychiatric disorder
  • Cancer – Professional help and advice for Cancer sufferers and their helpers
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