Turn your PC into a work of art

James Thornton


The $25 million womanI was really interested in buying Andy Warhol’s portrait of Elizabeth Taylor, then I heard it was expected to fetch in the region of $25 million. I decided not to bother bidding and instead got hold of some artistic downloads and turned my PC into a kind of digital art gallery. There are plenty of painting wallpapers around that you can use to decorate your desktop background. Besides finding one of Warhol’s Skull paintings, I also came across some classic works by Da Vinci, Dali and Liechtenstein.

I next wanted something impressive to hang on my screen while I was away from the computer. The 100 Great Works screensaver collects some of the most important paintings in history and presents them in the form of a full-screen slide show on your display. Another, more interactive, option is Paintball Screensaver, which lets you loose with a globe of paint to create your own semi-impressionist works.

If you feel inspired by all this art then why not get a brush out and get drawing? But forget all that messy, expensive paint and canvas malarky and get yourself an application that lets you make your mark with pixels instead. Artrage and Artweaver are two great free painting tools to get you started, after which you can progress to more high-end professional art apps such as Corel Painter or OpenCanvas. You never know, one day you might get a few million for your own creations.

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