Turn your PC into James Bond

James Bond ConneryWell not quite – it won’t start chasing beautiful ladies around the world or start asking for Vodka Martinis (shaken not stirred) but it’s the next best thing to hiring a super agent. If you’re trying to get to the bottom of unauthorised use of your PC or simply want to secretly monitor someone who’s using it, PC James Bond 007 is an easy to use but powerful monitoring tool. What I like about it is that it can record pretty much anything including keystrokes, applications run, IM conversations, clipboard activities, passwords typed and then take screen snapshots at set intervals.

In Stealth Mode, the program is completely invisible to other users – there’s no noticeable trace in Add/Remove Programs, the Start Menu or Windows Task Manager. What’s more, you can either view recordings secretly via the PC James Bond 007 Control Panel or receive all logging records at a pre-set email address. You can also password protect the program so that if anyone does discover it, they can’t access the records or uninstall it. If only James Bond has had this, the whole Bond series could have been completely different.

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