Twitter adds photo filters to Android and iOS apps

Twitter adds photo filters to Android and iOS apps

Instagram recently removed cards from Twitter, which allowed users to see a preview of Instagram images in their Twitter feed.

Today, Twitter updated both its Android and iOS apps by including native photo filters. Twitter only has eight filters available along with the standard “No Filter” option right now. You can also use an auto-enhance option for your images and crop and scale before posting to Twitter.

The filter options are not as numerous as Instagram or other photo filter apps available, but it is possible that Twitter is planning to continually update the app with new filters in the future. Twitter’s first party photo filter option is great for users who only need to post one image at a time, but other photo apps allow you to make collages and offer more customization, which is something users might find lacking in this version of Twitter.

This update helps defend against Twitter’s reliance on other Instagram-like apps that apply filters to images and allows Twitter to close their image sharing ecosystem. Twitter already hosts pictures on its own ‘’ where users can keep track of the images they’ve upload.

If you’re a shutterbug on Twitter, the company has made it easier to get customized photos onto its social network.

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