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Twitter tries showing you tweets from people your friends follow

Twitter tries showing you tweets from people your friends follow
Jonathan Riggall

Jonathan Riggall

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Twitter is constantly testing new features, like last year’s Event Parrot, and now, it appears that it’s testing putting tweets from users your friends follow into your feeds.

User @aleefbaypay complained on Twitter that he was seeing tweets from some accounts that he didn’t follow, but that people he follows follow:

Currently, everyone can see promoted tweets, and sometimes they are from accounts followed by accounts you follow. These are always marked as ‘promoted’, where as this new test is not. As The Next Web points out, we’re used to ads popping into Twitter feeds now, but this is different. It may appear to be an endorsement from the account you follow when in reality, its not. It’s not clear how these tweets are chosen, and so far, Twitter has not commented on the matter.

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Source: The Next Web

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