Twitter unveils image galleries on user profiles

Here’s another improvement to Twitter: as of Monday, the popular micro-blogging service has begun rolling out image galleries on user profile pages. Much like the image strip users can personalize on their Facebook profile, Twitter users can now display four images at a time on their main profile, immediately underneath their user stats.

In addition to the small display on your main profile page, Twitter also provides each user with an actual photo gallery. Just click the “view all” link from a user’s main page to access it. This gallery displays the 100 most recently tweeted images from as early back as January 1, 2010. These images can be displayed as either a page of thumbnails or as larger previews.

You can upload images directly from Twitter’s photo-uploading tool or a supported third party photo-sharing service. Currently yfrog, TwitPic and Instagram are all options users can choose from. Some apps like Instagram even allow users to add special effects to their images, making photo-sharing an even richer experience for Twitter users.

Interestingly enough, it doesn’t seem as though there is any procedure in place yet to moderate image content, meaning virtually any type of photographic content can be uploaded to users’ profile pages. This could include imagery that might be seen as obscene or otherwise offensive. It will be interesting to see if Twitter decides to place restrictions on photographic content in the future and how it will be implemented. For now though, it seems users can upload what they like, and even try their hand at customizing the images that display in the photo strip on their profile page, much like Facebook users have already been doing to personalize their own pages.

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