Two turntables and a microphone? You only need your iPhone

Two turntables and a microphone? You only need your iPhone

Touch DJ is a recently-approved MP3 mixing app for the iPhone. At $19.99 it’s certainly not cheap, but it’s one of the most impressive apps I’ve ever seen for Apple’s device.

Really convincing you that the iPhone is a powerful little computer, Touch DJ is almost as good as desktop mixing applications. Currently in version 1.0, it’s missing a BPM counter and the library has to be imported – it can’t access your iTunes library. Nevertheless, it makes incredible use of the minimal real estate on the iPhone. There’s a wealth of useful information on screen, but it doesn’t feel cluttered.

To get around the fact you can’t pre-listen to tracks while playing, Touch DJ uses innovative ‘visual mixing’ to allow syncing of your tracks. Bass sounds are highlighted on the moving waves, and the beat makes them flash. Using this you can – with some practice – beat match very well and do some impressive mixes. There are also effects, spins and the touch interface means manipulating tracks feels very tactile.

It’s not a magic DJ tool – you still need practice and it’s essential to know your tracks back to front to mix them well, but just the fact there is such a complete application on the iPhone is amazing. Read my review here, and check it out at the iTunes store.

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