Ultimate apps for your new iPad 2

If you’re planning to be one of the first to get the new iPad 2, you’ll already be thinking about pimping it with apps. Make no mistake, there are certain apps that will work great with the new iPad and iOS 4.3, harnessing all the power of the device and operating system to give you the gadget to end all gadgets.

Pre-installed iPad 2 apps

We already know about the applications that will be pre-installed on the iPad 2 (pictured above). Joining the staple bunch of iOS tools (Photos, Contacts, Calendar, Maps, YouTube, etc.) will be the face-to-face chat app, FaceTime and the wacky image effect generator, Photo Booth.

But what other apps are going to look great on the iPad 2, and what HD versions of existing iOS can we expect to see for the new Apple tablet?


GarageBandAvailable as a purchase from the App Store, the iPad version of Apple’s famed audio editor for dummies will let you produce and record music wherever you go. The application includes virtual instruments, an eight-track recording studio, and the ability to share your finished creations with the World.


iMovieAnother app announced at the launch of the iPad 2, iMovie will allow you to make slick movies from the footage shot on the on-board video camera. The program includes pre-installed themes to suit the style of your video. You can add photos taken on the device to your movies, as well as importing or recording audio. All the editing tools are housed within an easy-to-use, tactile interface.

Twitter for iPad

Twitter for iPadProbably the first thing you’ll want to do when you get your iPad 2 is shout the news from the rooftops to make everyone jealous. Install Twitter for iPad and you’ll be able to make the announcement in style. The official app looks gorgeous and is perfectly suited for uploading all the gorgeous photos and videos you’ll be shooting on your tablet.


InstagramOne of the sensations of the year so far, Instagram will surely be set for a HD release now that the iPad has a camera built in. Until then, you can use the awesome iPhone version to apply a bit of artistic fun to your photos. The application lets you run your photos through a dozen different filters, sharing your creations with the thriving Instagram community.


SkypeI’d bet my horse on seeing a version of Skype for iPad by the end of the year. Video chat will be a delightful experience on the second generation iPad and the limitations of FaceTime (i.e. not everyone can use it) will make Skype the go-to app for this. Hopefully, we’ll see the introduction of multi-video chat for iOS, too, which will look great on the iPad 2 screen.


VevoiOS 4.3 allows users to stream content from third-party apps from their iOS to their Apple TV, through the new AirPlay functionality. Unlike Netflix, which doesn’t plan to support the feature, VEVO HD will allow users to watch its video content on a bigger screen. The app boasts a collection of more than 25,000 music videos available to enjoy on your iPad 2 or television.


PhotoshopAdobe has already suggested that it might bring a fully fledged version Photoshop to the iPad, as a standalone app and/or a companion tool to attach to your computer. The inclusion of the camera, and the beefed up A5 dual core processor make the iPad 2 a capable platform for a fully formed Photoshop product. Until this release, however, you’ll be able to tweak and tinker with your iPad 2 images using the Express version of Photoshop for iOS.

Infinity Blade

Infinity BladeiPad gaming is set to get even better thanks to the iPad 2’s new processor and faster graphics engine. What better way to demo its awesomeness than by playing Chair’s Unreal engine-powered, Infinity Blade? The graphics are among the best you’ll see on the iOS platform and the cut and thrust gameplay is great fun, to boot.

Dead Space HD

Dead Space HDAnother game that’s going to play a treat on the iPad 2 is Dead Space HD. The atmospheric shooter is the scariest I’ve played in a long time, and the terrifying aliens and creepy music are so impressive in high definition. Unlike Infinity Blade, Dead Space HD is quite thought-provoking, and you need your problem-solving skills if you want to get off the planet alive.

Helsing’s Fire HD

Helsing's FireOur resident game lord, Jon, this week described Helsing’s Fire HD as ‘one of the best iOS games you’ll play’. He hailed the presentation as the best ever on the platform, and reckons this puzzle-style adventure game is one of the first things you should add to your list of stuff to install on your new iPad.

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