Ultimate Pong downloads

Ultimate Pong downloads

Pong screenshotPong is the quintessential arcade classic – simple, addictive and fun, the game was launched by Atari in 1972 and still to this day it lives on, mainly on mobile phones and via emulators. It has also been given a new lease of life by developers who have adapted it for the 21st century creating variations of the game. A while back, Cyril explained how to play Pong within Firefox using a cool extension but if you don’t use the browser or want something a bit more exciting, try one of these:

Plamsa Pong – Superb version of the game where you play within a Plasma filled environment

3D UltraPong
– Take an air hockey table, make it 3D, add some colour and you get 3D UltraPong

Bank Shot – Four player Pong action with multiple paddles instead of just one

Pong Evolution – Not so much an evolution as simply a free version for phones

SimplePong Generic – Slightly more flashy Pong game for Java phones

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