Understanding Internet Speed: The Ups & Downs

Understanding Internet Speed: The Ups & Downs

When the Internet was first conceived and developed, the speed of data transfer was very slow. Today, however, you can not only enjoy super-fast Internet data transfer from all over the country, but also enjoy at your home or office. So, how did the industry make the leap from slow, wired connections to a blazing wireless connection?

What Determines Internet Speed?

Internet speeds are based upon the bandwidth that your service provider has allotted you, often based on how you pay each month. Download and upload speed tests may provide you with a specific number, but the truth is that Internet speed tests will often be biased. This is because they typically take a small data sample and use it to determine where you stand.

The problem with this is that Internet Service Providers, or ISPs, tend to treat traffic differently. A user who is accessing live streaming video may be categorized differently than someone who is accessing a web page. The streamer may receive priority because he or she is gaining access to a greater amount of data, whereas someone who is pulling up a web page may be left to wait because he or she isn’t hogging a lot of data. This is not always the case, but ISPs use advanced technology and software to ensure that data is routed properly.

How Internet Download Manager Fights Against Limits

One of the main benefits of Internet Download Manager is that users can schedule downloads. This option means that you can choose a large number of downloads at once, schedule them to download on a specific timeline, and get them on by one. Using this resource, you won’t have to fight for data bandwidth, and you will also receive your downloads when you want them to be delivered.

Furthermore, if your ISP issues constraining limits to your downloading ability, Internet Download Manager provides the ability to set limits on how many connections are in use at one moment and how much data can be downloaded within a certain amount of time. This can help to stave of ISPs that are serious about data caps, allowing you to download what you need over the course of a period of time.

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