Unity means amazing online games

Unity means amazing online games

Unity is a cool plugin for playing online games.  I’ve never seen 3D graphics this good in my browser before, so here are a few games and toys that will undoubtedly impress.

For relaxation purposes, point yourself towards Jetpack Brontosaurus.  This is pretty abstract and really attractive: who hasn’t dreamed of flying a brontosaurus around with a jetpack? There are five levels to play, each with a series of missions to complete, like collecting fruit and flying through rings. It reminds me of Thrust, but much slower, in 3D, and with a Brontosaurus, rather than a spaceship. PilotWings, the old SuperNintendo game, is probably a better reference point for this, as both games share a similar pace.

Also gentle and fun, and even cuter than a brontosaurus, is the 20 level TumbleDrop. This is a 2d physics based puzzle game, where you have to remove objects under your star carefully so it lands on a platform instead of tumbling into the sea.  Don’t try this at work; you won’t be able to stop!

There are a few cool action games too. My favorite at the moment is Downhill Bowling. Why in the world no one thought of this before is incredible, because this is a really great idea with a ton of of replay value, as you’ll want to keep improving your strike rate down the courses. If you register, you can leave your score on the online scoreboards, making this a very competitive game.

For a dose of mindless violence,  try another game I feel I’ve been waiting to play my whole life – Off-Road Velociraptor Safari. Take control of a velociraptor driving a 4×4, then chase down other raptors and run them over. It’s a silly concept but very satisfying, with excellent physics, nice graphics and good crunchy sound effects.

I also found a very retro-futuristic 3d Tron-like game called Traces of Illumination, and a space shooter called Manta, so it looks like Unity is taking browser games to the next level


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