The Impossible Becomes Reality: One Player Brings Zelda to Minecraft!

The latest creation from youtuber C1OUS3R shows us that Minecraft's possibilities are limitless

The Impossible Becomes Reality: One Player Brings Zelda to Minecraft!
Pedro Domínguez

Pedro Domínguez

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That Minecraft is one of the best games in history (and Windows) is a statement that ceased to be an opinion long ago and became an easily verifiable truth. In itself, the possibilities that Mojang‘s game offers are almost infinite, but to the “vanilla” content that the game brings us we must add dozens and even hundreds of mods that inflate it with content, and add many hours of fun (even being able to create Minecraft tournaments as spectacular as Minecraft Extreme).

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However, even with all that can be done with mods, the base game itself is capable of things that the most inexperienced in the field would qualify directly as “magic”. The latest example of this is brought to us by C1OUS3R, a youtuber and Minecraft player who invested almost a month in recreating the classic The Legend of Zelda within the Mojang videogame, and without using any mods (just new textures).

To accomplish such a feat, the player basically had to create the game within Minecraft using lots and lots of code blocks and “tricks” that allowed the player to control Link in the same way as if we were playing on a NES emulator. And all this without using a single resource pack or mod that would change the mechanics, physics or any functionality of the game.

In a video showing his great achievement, C1OUS3R explains how he had to figure out how to make the player’s inputs not affect the actions or movements of the Minecraft character when controlling Link. Among many of the tricks he carried out, he had to apply to the character (invisible and intangible when controlling Link) the effect of blindness so that he could not sprint, as well as edit the shaders to make the visual effect on the screen that occurs in this state not to be seen.

And the best of all is that this is not the first time this youtuber has achieved something like this. In recent months, C1OUS3R also managed to recreate two other classics from the world of video games within Minecraft: Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog. The maps created by this Minecraft enthusiast are publicly available for download and can be played, although we will have to wait for the video of The Legend of Zel to reach 5,000 likes to be able to try this eye-catching map.

As we commented at the beginning, the possibilities that Minecraft, owned by Microsoft for several years, shows us are almost unlimited and we could even have more features of interest over time. The arrival of Prometheus, the integration of ChatGPT in Bing and Edge, augurs a future in which AI could be part of our experience as players.

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Who knows, maybe the AI could be integrated into Minecraft and help us when we do not know how to create something, such as fences, a golem, an elevator or an “experience farm”, or even custom maps indicating how we want them to be (in which to play later with our friends). For the moment, and until further notice, players can only dream and enjoy the creations of great creators like C1OUS3R.

Pedro Domínguez

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