Unlockable pets come to Fortnite

fortnite season 6 pets key art
Fortnite Season 6 pets

The battlefield can be a lonely place. Fortunately, Fortnite players can now parachute onto the Battle Royale map with a furry (or scaly) friend strapped to their backs. That’s right: pets have officially come to Fortnite. Battle Pass owners will now find themselves able to access three new animal companions, unlockable at several Battle Pass tiers and equipped with several different styles.

These looks aren’t just cosmetic. Pets will react to the battlefield around you: they’ll hold on to your pack as you parachute, bark when you’re under fire, and put on a war face when you aim your weapon. Read on for a look at each of these unique critters and the tiers you’ll need to unlock each one.

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fortnite season 6 pets bonesy
Bonesy Default

Rarity: Epic

Tier: 12

Description: Bonesy is a happy-go-lucky pup that looks to be based on the infamous shibe, or perhaps some kind of hunting dog mix. Either way, he’s adorable. Bonesy is unique in that he’ll bark and howl as you play, reacting to events around you. Don’t worry, though: Epic has confirmed that other players aren’t able to hear the noises Bonesy makes, so he won’t alert other players to your presence.


fortnite season 6 pets camo
Camo Default

Rarity: Epic

Tier: 29

Description: Camo is, as the name implies, a chameleon. Camo’s a cute little critter that’s reminiscent of Disney princess Rapunzel’s pal Pascal. She’ll use her long tongue to hang on to your pack as you drop into battle, and as an added bonus, she’ll change colors as you play!


fortnite season 6 pets scales
Scales Default

Rarity: Epic

Tier: 43

Description: You don’t have to wonder about how to train this dragon. Scales comes pre-tamed… but that doesn’t mean he’s any less fierce. He doesn’t need to hang on as you drop in. Instead, he’ll use his wings to fly down at your side before perching on your pack and gnashing his fangs at anyone who dares come too close.

Bonesy White

fortnite season 6 pets bonesy white
Bonesy White

Rarity: Epic

Tier: 59

Description: An additional style for Bonesy, this style teases out his more Husky-like traits with a white and grey coat of fur. His new pink bandana tops off the look.

Scales Pink

fortnite season 6 pets scales pink
Scales Pink

Rarity: Epic

Tier: 74

Description: Scales gets cute-ified with an all-pink makeover in this unlockable additional style. Don’t let the exterior fool you, though: this dragon’s still as fierce as ever.

Bonesy Mocha

fortnite season 6 pets bonesy mocha
Bonesy Mocha

Rarity: Epic

Tier: 90

Description: Another unlockable Bonesy style, the pup dons a classic red bandana and sports coffee colored fur.

Scales Black

fortnite season 6 scales black
Scales Black

Rarity: Epic

Tier: 98

Description: One of the final Battle Pass unlockables, this cool Scales color scheme is only available to the most skilled players. Make sure everyone knows it by sporting this neon green and black look for your pet dragon.

Though these three pets are the only ones that have been added so far, Epic may very well be adding more pets to the game down the line. There’s certainly no shortage of possibilities… perhaps something’s in store for the feline lovers out there? For now, though, grab your buddy of choice and get fighting!


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