Unofficial Google+ app for Mac released

Unofficial Google+ app for Mac released

If you can’t get enough of Google+ at the moment then you’ll be pleased to hear one young developer has already developed a desktop app for Macs – well kind of. Google+ for Mac is an unofficial app for Macs that allows you to access Google+ directly from your Dock. Google+ for Mac requires Google Chrome and uses the web interface of Google+ to allow faster and easier access of Google+ from your Mac.

The developer emphasizes that Google+ for Mac is a temporary solution until he can create a native desktop app. Note it is not based on a Google+ API – it is just a ported browser.

Google+ for Mac doesn’t therefore do anything revolutionary. It merely puts an icon in your Dock that when clicked, opens your Google+ profile in Chrome.

It is a bit restrictive  – navigating to external sites outside of Google+ doesn’t seem to work for example but it’s fine just for using Google+.

You can of course achieve much of the same effect as Google+ for Mac with but the developer promises Google+ for Mac will go far beyond what you can achieve with Fluid in the near future. It’s likely that Google will eventually release their own desktop app (or at least the API for developers to do so) but until then, Google+ for Mac is a good stop-gap.

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