(Updated) Firefox 29 features redesign, simplified Firefox Sync

(Updated) Firefox 29 features redesign, simplified Firefox Sync

The latest version of the Firefox browser is available now. Mozilla has updated existing Firefox users to version 29, on Windows, Mac and Android. To check if you have the update, click on Firefox button at the top left and About under the Help menu.

The most notable change in Firefox 29 is the new interface which borrows heavily from Chrome. Tabs are now rounded and most interface elements are hidden in the new menu button.

Firefox 29 redesign

The search and address bars have been combined like in Chrome as well. Type in an address or search into the bar and Firefox will recognize what you’re looking for.

Add-ons are also hidden away in the new menu button. The menu is customizable, allowing users to drag and drop which interface elements they want.

Firefox 29 customize menu

If these changes seem dramatic, they are but Mozilla will include a tutorial about all the changes. When you update, you’ll be given a walkthrough about what’s moved around and how everything works.

Firefox Sync has also been simplified, requiring users to create a Firefox account. Firefox Sync keeps all your bookmarks, history, tabs, and other data synced across all your installations of Firefox. To get started, create a Firefox account by entering your email and password. Log into each installation of Firefox to sync your data.

Android users will also be getting Firefox 29, but the changes won’t be as dramatic. The Bing search engine now suggests results and support for Firefox Sync has been added.

Firefox 29 is available to download below.

Download Firefox for Mac

Download Firefox for Windows

Download Firefox for Android

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