Upcoming Steam beta will feature local music playback

Upcoming Steam beta will feature local music playback

Valve announced in a blog post that the next beta version of Steam will include features for local music playback. The Steam Music Beta features a full screen experience in Big Picture mode and in SteamOS.

If you’ve used SteamOS or Big Picture Mode before, the interface of Steam Music will look very familiar and will be completely navigable using a game controller, though a mouse and keyboard will also work. After defining the directory your music resides, Steam Music will index all of your music.


Players will have options to view their music library in Artist or Album views. Album art is placed in a grid for a more visual approach to music sorting. Players will also be able to manage their music queue and will have access to an in-game music player with options to shuffle, repeat, play/pause, and adjust volume.


Valve is taking user feedback very seriously and asks that users share their requests and experiences with the company to improve the feature.

Source: Steam Community

Via: Polygon


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