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Use Adobe Reader 8 as an RSS reader

Use Adobe Reader 8 as an RSS reader

Adobe ReaderRSS feeds have become a fashionable way to stay tuned about anything that happens all around the world. The Internet offers constantly updated information which requires lots of time to be read and assimilated. This is why it’s always a good idea to get a summary of the latest headlines with just a single click, instead of having to visit a dozen different websites.

Despite the fact that you may already have a favorite RSS reader, we’d like to show you another possibility to access your daily RSS dose, which is graciously hidden inside Adobe Reader 8, the most recent update of the classic PDF viewer.

This is what you have to do: click the View menu and then choose Review Tracker. In the Subscriptions window that appears, click the RSS button on the left toolbar and then click the Subscribe button to add a feed. Voilà! RSS feeds powered by Acrobat. It doesn’t offer many features, but still may be a convenient option for PDF lovers.

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