Use multiple webcams as surveillance cameras

Use multiple webcams as surveillance cameras

webcamYour PC can be your best friend when it comes to surveillance. Recently Tom wrote about a variety of spying and surveillance software and a while back, James wrote about using a webcam as a surveillance camera to protect your home. This is a great solution if you just want to monitor one particular room or area but what if you want to cover a whole building – and monitor it remotely? uWatchIt is a sophisticated little application which basically brings mass video surveillance to any PC user. It can monitor several webcams at once and display the images on the same screen.

This is ideal if you’re trying to monitor a huge property or an office of some kind. You can even log into the software remotely and see exactly what’s going in your home wherever you may be. Whatsmore, it also supports motion sensing although you’ll have to check whether your webcam can actually do this. If it does sense any kind of movement or activity on one of the cameras, it can be configured to record what’s going on, send an e-mail or transmit the footage in real-time to an FTP server.

Obviously, you’ll need several decent webcams for this to work properly and need some way of resetting your system remotely if they are ever to crash. However, it could save you a hell of a lot of money compared to installing your own CCTV system.

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