Use Outlook to access Windows Live Hotmail

Use Outlook to access Windows Live Hotmail

OutlookIf there’s one thing I’ve just about had enough of it’s Windows Live Hotmail. I stated my case in no uncertain terms a while back and although I still haven’t abandoned it, I have found a way of avoiding it’s bloated, unintuitive, RAM sapping, vomit inducing interface. The solution? Use Outlook to access it instead using Microsoft Outlook Connector.

Microsoft Outlook Connector allows you to access any Windows Live Hotmail (and Office Live Mail) account from the far more civilized Microsoft Outlook. With Outlook Connector, you can use Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007 to access and manage your e-mail messages and contacts for free which is great although rather annoyingly (and typically Microsoft), management of calendar, tasks and notes requires a subscription fee. If you do pay for this, you can synchronize multiple calendars between different Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Windows Live Calendar.


This little application also means you benefit from Outlook’s spam filter which you can apply to Windows Live Hotmail’s incoming mail so no more mails from fake political exiles requesting you to send your account details so they can deposit a million dollars in your account (I get these constantly and am starting to think that being a political exile must be extremely lucrative). If you’re an Outlook user, you’ll never go back to using Windows Live Hotmail’s own interface after trying this.

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