Use these apps and save big on Black Friday deals

Use these apps and save big on Black Friday deals

Black Friday is nearly upon us here in the U.S. Getting anxious to snatch up all those unbeatable deals? Make sure you get a head start on your holiday shopping preparations with these useful Black Friday apps:

Black Friday Wish: A lot of great Black Friday deals are being advertised online and in the newspapers. They’re difficult to organize without making quite a mess, however. That’s where Black Friday Wish can step in to help. Create a wish list based on categories of items you’re interested in purchasing. You can even notify your friends about specific deals via Twitter, Facebook, and email.

Black Friday Survival Guide: Everything you need to know to get the best Black Friday deals comes in this sleek little app. Much like Black Friday Wish, you can organize your purchases into a shopping list. This app goes a step further though, in that all newspaper advertisements have been scanned in so you can view them right on your device. There’s even a news section to keep up with the most up-to-date deals as they’re announced.

Black Friday App: Simple in name and style, yet this app takes Black Friday holiday shopping one step further by allowing you to make online purchases of the deals you find (if the particular store has the option to do so). This app is perfect for people who prefer not to endure the mayhem and endless lines in actual stores this Friday.

TGI Black Friday: Another black Friday app with a great look and features, this app allows you to browse great deals by store, category, or product. Click on an interesting product and visit the store for more details. You can then email the link to yourself or or add it to a list. Take care when using this app, however, as sometimes the prices it lists are not the same as what individual stores are advertising.

Amazon Price Check: This isn’t technically a Black Friday app, but it gets the job done nonetheless. If your device has a built-in camera, you can scan in product bar codes, or even snap a picture of the product you’re interested in. You can also compare prices in stores with’s U.S. inventory and prices. If Amazon has the better deal, buy online through the app in a few simple clicks.

These apps are great supplements to your other tried and true Black Friday strategies, and the best thing about them is they allow you to prepare in advance. Black Friday can be a pretty crazy experience, especially if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for or where to go to get it if you do. These apps simplify the process, allowing you to organize your shopping expeditions before you set out and, in some cases, even shop from your home instead.

If you’re among the multitudes of people who plan to find the greatest deals possible this Friday, best of luck to you. In the interim, Happy Turkey Day and enjoy the holiday weekend!

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