Use your mobile to improve memory skills

Use your mobile to improve memory skills

Simon screenshotIf like me you’ve got a pretty bad memory, then you’ll take any help you can get to improve it. Simon is a mobile game that aims to increase the number of grey cells you’ve got and thus prevent you from forgetting anymore important dates or tasks. Even if you don’t find it helps you, it is hugely addictive despite it’s simplicity.

Simon is basically nothing more than an illuminating colour touchpad that plays sequences of flashing colours and then asks you to repeat the combination in exactly the right order. Using your stylus, you follow the patterns to the best of your ability. Of course, the harder the level, the faster the flashing lights.

There are three different modes – a two-player mode plus two levels divided between beginners and more advanced users. Unless you’re a Guinness world record holder, don’t even try the advanced level – it’s like trying to memorise a strobe light at a disco. So put down your Sudoku on your daily commute and let us know whether Simon genuinely helped improve your memory.

Now where did I put my mobile…?

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