Use your PC for non-techie hobbies

Use your PC for non-techie hobbies

origami.gifIt seems that nowadays we’re all somehow obliged to enjoy geek hobbies, such as playing videogames, surfing the net or retouching digital pictures. What happened to all those good old hobbies people used to have? Not so long ago, children traded football cards while their parents collected stamps, cooked new cake recipes for dessert or knitted warm sweaters for all the family.

Society has definitely turned hi-tech but traditional hobbies are still a very valid option for those who want to make the most of their spare time –preferably not in front of a screen. In any case, there’s always a way to combine both technological and more conventional hobbies.

Regarding software, for example, you can find apps that help you organize your favorite cooking recipes or manage almost any type of collection, from the classical coins and stamps anthology to collections of books, movies or even wines. If you like reading comics, your PC allows you to enjoy a wide variety of daily comic strips right on your desktop.

Finally, there are also software applications dedicated to less common hobbies like origami (the art of making paper figures) or even to really traditional activities like cross-stitching.

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