A Reddit user pays for ChatGPT Pro, but can't access it

A Reddit user pays for ChatGPT Pro, but can't access it
María López

María López

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ChatGPT Pro is closer than ever. Users are counting down the hours to get their hands on it, which promises to expand the chatbot’s already amazing capabilities. As of today, a Reddit user has already managed to pay the necessary amount to access this version. Unfortunately, it seems that at the moment you will not be able to use it.


Reddit is a wonderful place to say the least. Millions of users meet daily in the subforums to talk and discuss all kinds of issues: memes, absurd videos and implausible stories represent only the tip of the iceberg of everything that Reddit can offer.

Naturally, followers of artificial intelligence also have several subforums to post their experiments and ramblings. So it was to be expected that ChatGPT, the very famous OpenAI chatbot, would also have its own.

Due to the success that ChatGPT has achieved, the OpenAI guys have decided to monetize their service to “guarantee” the correct operation of the tool. Consequently, now ChatGPT will have a payment plan, called ChatGPT Professional. According to what we know at the moment, it would work by subscription and would cost about $42 per month, not a cheap price.

The information has been confirmed through the official Discord server. In addition, the company launched a Google form for users to sign up for the waiting list to try the version “Pro”. However, it seems that a Reddit user has decided to bypass this entire process.

As he tells in his post, the ChatGPT website gave him the possibility to pay for the Professional version of the chatbot. Without hesitating for a second, he was encouraged to pay the $42 to enjoy the service before anyone else. Nothing could be further from the truth: OpenAI has taken its toll, but ChatGPT Professional still hasn’t made an appearance.

In fact, many users have shown disbelief at the situation denounced. However, he himself provided screenshots that testified to his version. At the moment, ChatGPT Pro does not have a definite release date, so this user will have no choice but to stick with the free version. Of course, it is somewhat difficult: the web is saturated with the high number of requests it receives daily.

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