Video: Check out the cool maps from Minecraft Realms

Video: Check out the cool maps from Minecraft Realms

Mojang has blogged about how the multiplayer part of Minecraft, ‘Realms’, has developed. There are mini-games and maps, made by the Minecraft community and chosen by Mojang to be included by default in Realms. Check them out below.

Minecraft Realms is Mojang’s official online subscription service that lets you easily create your own Minecraft server. Why would you want to do that? So what you can have a persistent map that lives online that you can share and play in with your family or friends. You can create your own maps, or use some of the ready made templates and adventure maps.

The adventure maps are particularly nice. Winter Stronghold, for example, spawns you in a big castle, where you can stock up on items before going out and exploring the world outside.
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Source: Mojang

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