Videoblocks by Storyblocks

Videoblocks by Storyblocks

Sometimes that creative spark isn’t enough. Without the right resources that spark can simply fizzle out without making much of a bang. Whether you’re working on a commercial project or a personal one, an idea will only ever take you so far. What you need to turn that idea into a successful creative project is access to lot of stock content, like the videos and images, and the tools necessary to mold them into your creative vision. For the former, you need look no further than Storyblocks.

By creators for creators

Storyblocks is a marketplace for stock content but it is also so much more. It you’re looking to create something special, it’ll give you access to images, videos and audio files so that your creative sparks get the chances they deserve. Storyblocks is also an artist friendly platform as it is the only platform where the creators of the stock content get 100% of the sale price. If you buy an image, video or audio file from the Storyblocks marketplace, you’ll be directly supporting the artist that created it. Storyblocks therefore is a by artists for artists platform.

Storyblocks Trends give you an idea of what types of stock content will be the most popular in the coming months

Access without limits

There is much more to Storyblocks than the marketplace as it also offers a flat subscription model that works for personal and commercial ventures alike. Membership gives users unlimited downloads from the three Storyblocks libraries; Storyblocks images, Videoblocks and Audioblocks. Having such a wealth of material readily available will revolutionize your creative process.

We’ve had access to all three Storyblocks member’s libraries for over a week now and it has really helped us create more fluid and dynamic videos for our articles. We’re really happy with the results we’ve been getting thanks to the broad range of content available. We try to keep our videos short and sweet but over the last few months we’ve often been frustrated by the lack of available content for us to use to help get our message across. You can see an example of the type of video we usually make in this article. You’ll notice that most of the images are static, some have been used twice, and some are clearly of a lower standard than the others.

One of the main frustrations for us was a severely limited amount of quality video footage we could use in our videos. We were limited to basic videos of mouse clicks or people typing and not much else. The Videoblocks’ library changed this for us overnight. You can see in this article an example of a video we made after gaining access to the Storyblocks images and Videoblocks’ members libraries. The video promotes an article we wrote on naval battle games for PC. I’m sure you’ll agree that this is a pretty niche subject but Storyblocks gave us access to a lot of great images and some fantastic video clips that really made our video pop.

New possibilities

In fact, all of the new material that has been made available to us has left us having to step our game. The Storyblocks Member’s Library has over 400,000 images, including vectors, illustrations, and photos to choose from; the Videoblocks Member’s Library has an incredible 115,000 video clips, including footage, backgrounds, and even after effects templates; and the Audioblocks Member’s Library has 110,000 audio tracks including music, sound effects, and loops. So much new stuff means we’re having to reappraise what is actually possible for us to achieve. We’re confident that as we get used to the new resources Storyblocks puts at our fingertips, our videos will become exponentially better.

The member’s libraries put hundres of thousands of images, videos and audio tracks at your fingertips.

Let your creative juices flow

Overall, we’re really happy with how Storyblocks has affected our creative process and how it has opened up new possibilities for our content department. We look forward to developing our skills to match the significant creative resources that we now have available to us and creating some excellent and engaging content to really grab our user’s attention.

If you’re a professional or if you work on your own personal creative projects Storyblocks is for you. Whether you’re looking to sell your own work on the marketplace or gain access to millions of images, videos and audio clips to help you complete your next project you’ll be happy you gave Storyblocks a try. If you do, make sure to let us know what you’re up to in the comments below because we’d love to see what magic you’re able to create once you’ve got the Storyblocks marketplace and libraries working for you.

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