Visit the Winter Olympics in Google Earth

Visit the Winter Olympics in Google Earth

If you’d like to get a feel for the Vancouver Winter Olympics, Google Earth is a great resource. Google have added 3D models of the city and the nine venues, and you can go on a flying tour of them all.

If you haven’t got it installed, download it here – it’s fantastic. Open the program then click Layers and check 3D Buildings, which will allow you to see all 3D models around the world. To See the Winter Olympic buildings, you can search for them yourself, or download this file which automatically opens Google Earth and takes you on a tour of the venues.

Google Earth relies on your internet connection to load images and you may find 3D models take a few moments to appear – click the pause button to give them a chance to appear. The tour is cool but it misses the newest addition, the Bobsled course – to fly there download this small KML file. It’s one of the best looking models on Google Earth I’ve seen, and it’s a shame there’s not a virtual sled to ride the course!

[Via: Google Earth Blog]

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