Vivaldi: a new and worthy rival for Chrome and Firefox?

Vivaldi is a web browser that’s been in its beta phases for over a year. Now, it has finally launched its 1.0 version (its first ever version!) that appears to be now up and working perfectly. Could this be a worthy rival for the likes of Firefox, Chrome and Edge?

Vivaldi boasts some very interesting features, such as customizable keyboard shortcuts, support for mouse gestures and many other options to make your experience is 100% customizable to your liking. It even allows Chrome extensions!

Yes, Vivaldi is still “young” , and lacks some basics like bookmark sync, however its creators have promised to introduce (gradually) the necessary options needed in order to improve the overall browsing experience.

It may also be interesting for you to know that the creator Jon von Tetzchner Vivaldi was the co-founder and President of Opera.

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