Vivaldi, Dragon Ball Z, and PopKey – all in this Weeks Five Apps to Try This Weekend

Vivaldi, Dragon Ball Z, and PopKey – all in this Weeks Five Apps to Try This Weekend

This week in Softonic’s Five Apps to Try This Weekend we have games, GIFs, quizzes, physics, and browsers – let’s get to it.

First we have Brain Dots (Android|iOS), an addictive physics puzzler that has me hooked. All you have to do is make the two balls touch, however the only way for you to move them is with a magic pen that draws shapes into existence. Easy to understand, but fiendishly difficult.

Our second pick is SongPop 2, a music game that pits you against other online players to be the fastest to name a song. With a party mode that allows up to five people to compete simultaneously, this is certainly a step up on the original SongPop.

App number three is PopKey, a GIF keyboard for iOS. Where Android devices have dozens of options for this (such as Kika), Apple users have fewer choices. With a great library of animated images, and the ability favorite and add your own, this is a great app for GIF fans.

Fourth we have Dragon Ball: Battle Dokkan Z (iOS|Android). This adventure-puzzle game mixes boardgame-style dungeon exploration and fast paced match-3 puzzling, with an intriguing plot that has you trying to fix the space-time continuum. Which actually sounds quite mundane for Dragon Ball Z…

Last we have Vivaldi (Mac|Windows), a new browser from one of the founders of Opera – and no, we don’t know what his fixation is with classical music. Currently in Technical Preview, the browser is still missing a few features, but what is there work perfectly. With an ethos set to change future development based on user feedback, the earlier you get in the earlier your voice will be heard.

Right, it for this week. If we helped you find a new app to share this video so others can find it, and if you think we missed something let us know in the comments. Remember to subscribe, and I’ll see you next time!

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