Volume, Final Fantasy VII, and Horizon Chase: let’s Click-Swipe-Play

Welcome to Click-Swipe-Play, Softonics new gaming show. I am going to bring you three reviews in under three minutes – and then make sure that you are primed for next week’s big games.

And as if to celebrate the first show, every game this week is great.

I start with the classic Final Fantasy VII, which has just been released on iOS allowing you to play on the move the game that popularized the Japanese RPG genre in the West.

The retro racer Horizon Chase is my second choice. If you ever played Outrun then this game should be instantly familiar, yet it also has a stack of intelligent updates for mobile gaming.

My last game this week is the brilliant Volume, a stealthy puzzle game with a striking art style. The game’s abstract environments allow for lots of visual clues to aid your escapades, remove the vagaries that so often ruin the genre.

And we wrap up with a reminder of next week’s releases, including Metal Gear Solid V and Lara Croft GO.

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