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VPN Proxy Master: Safe, Powerful and Free

VPN Proxy Master: Safe, Powerful and Free
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You’ve likely heard about VPNs – virtual private networks that let you tunnel into remote locations to access the internet while protecting your real identity and location. You may even use a VPN on your computer already. But have you thought about protecting your mobile devices as well? If not, VPN Proxy Master can get the job done for you easily, effectively and at no cost.

What it is

VPN Proxy Master is a VPN service provided by Lemon Clove Pte. Limited in Singapore. As such, all activity that routs through their servers are protected by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and Singapore’s own Personal Data Protection Act – both pieces of legislation meant to safeguard the privacy of individuals surfing the internet.

VPN Proxy MasterWhile that should give you some confidence about VPN Proxy Master, you might be more interested in how the software actually works. And we have one answer to that question: simply.

After opening the app on your Android or iOS device, you’re presented with an attractive screen showing a spinning globe. You simply press the “Connect” button and the software will automatically connect you to a VPN server somewhere in the world. To cancel the VPN link, pressing the “Disconnect” button does the trick. 

Under the hood

For a free piece of software, VPN Proxy Master delivers quite impressive features. You get: military-grade encryption on all your online activity; DNS leak protection; IP address leak protection; a no-log service; access to servers around the world; and industry best connection protocols that make both your connection to the service and your surfing speeds truly zoom

VPN Proxy MasterWhile most of these features are common in many VPN services, VPN Proxy Master also allows unlimited video streaming from online entertainment providers – including Netflix and Disney+. This is a feature not all VPN services provide, but you’ll have to upgrade to the Premium version to get it (see below). Fortunately, thanks to a Grand Launch Promotion Sale, VPN Proxy Master’s Premium service is now the cheapest of all the major VPN providers


VPN Proxy Master

While VPN Proxy Master shines in covering both iOS and Android devices, the service can also be downloaded to both Mac and PC desktops

Additionally, we certainly recommend that you download one of the free versions of the software to give it a try. But be advised that the mobile apps will be chock full of advertisements that seem to appear after almost every tap you make. All the free versions of all the software also have caps on the amount of data you can protect each day (500 MB) and doesn’t allow you to choose your own servers. 

If you like the software, then you can upgrade to the Premium version, which provides unlimited VPN protection; access to 6000 servers in more than 40 locations, special servers for accessing Netflix and Disney+; an internet kill switch that terminates your online connections if the VPN drops for any reason; the ability to connect up to five devices at once; 24/7 online support; surfing speeds that are four times faster than the free version; and a WiFi auto-protect feature that protects you while using public WiFi.

Note: The ability to connect five devices at once is only available with: VPN Proxy Master iOS, VPN Proxy Master macOS, VPN Proxy Master Windows, and VPN Proxy Master Pro Android.

The Premium version of the software is currently available with a 7-day trial for just $0.99 with no contract required, neither commitment: you can cancel anytime.

VPN Proxy Master
VPN Proxy Master is trusted by 300 million users and has a 4.7/5 Apple App Store rating and 4.6/5 Google Play Store rating, so we’re pretty sure you’ll be satisfied with your download no matter which version you choose.


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