Wake up to your favourite tunes

Alarm ClockThere’s nothing I hate more than the piercing shrill of my alarm clock every morning. It’s like being punched awake by Mike Tyson day after day until even the mere sound of it sells chills down my spine at any time of day. A far more pleasant experience is to wake up to one of my favourite songs which in comparison, is like being awoken by Claudia Schiffer whispering softly in my ear while Penelope Cruz brings me a cooked breakfast.

Sometimes I’ll use my mobile phone but since that can only store a limited amount of music. it’s much better to use my PC. To it’s eternal shame however, Windows does not come pre-installed with a wake-up function but there are a few third party programs that can help you. One of the best is Music Alarm Clock which can select from a playlist of your choosing and even wake you up with videos.

If you’re a iTunes user, you’ll be best to try iTunes/Mp3 Alarm Clock. It works with even DRM protected music and integrates pretty seamlessly with iTunes. Meanwhile, Alarm is more flexible in that it plays MIDI and WAV files aswell as Mp3’s. Finally, if it’s aesthetics you’re after, WakeMeUp! has to win as the best looking. It can also wake-up your PC from standby mode so you don’t have to leave it on all night.

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