Warning! This error could damage your iPhone forever

Warning! This error could damage your iPhone forever

“The iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (53).” This message is currently bringing fear to iPhone 6 users around the world, but why?

Well, because after you’ve received it, your iPhone could be deemed useless.

Error 53 can occur when updating your iPhone 6 with the latest version of the iOS 9 operating system. If it does occur, the system will no longer be able to apply the update and will then restrict the Home button and Touch ID from working.

It seems to be that this error is most common on devices which have had their Home button replaced in somewhere other than an official Apple store. According to Apple, this is a correspondence error between the parts of the phone that produce “a security measure to protect the device from a potentially fraudulent Touch ID sensor.”

What should I do if I receive “Error 53”?

Have you fallen victim to this error? If so, this is what Apple (official source) has recommended:

1) Download to latest version of iTunes.

2) Force restart you iPhone (by holding down the power and home buttons together).

3) Try to restore the iPhone again.

If this does not solve the problem, contact Apple Technical Support or visit an authorized dealer to change the Home button.

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